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Human Capital is one the most important factors that drives the success, productivity and sustainability.

With this philosophy, Bee Capital places a great importance on people by recruiting  the most suitable individuals.

We aim to develop and retain the most talented people who perform effectively and efficiently to add value to our institution and clients.


Apply to be our Partner, if you have the ability to source and/or execute the deal, and you would like to work with us.

Investment bank associate

If you are an Analyst working for other investment bank and wish to change your working environment, you're welcomed.

Legal Associate

We would like to recruit a legal associate to join our team, benefit is very completive, will discuss more after interview.

VP (Capital Market), VP (M&A)

We would like to recruit VP (Capital Market) and VP (M&A) to join our team, benefit will discuss more after interview.

Investment bank analyst

This position is suitable for students who would like to start their career development in Investment Banking.

Internship Opportunities

We provide the internship opportunities to senior students or fresh graduates, apply now to be a future investment banker.

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